Mobile flood control dams

Floods cause many billions in damage each year. The financial impact is borne by landowners, property owners, businesses, insurers, and the state - so ultimately taxpayers. In addition to the material damage, there is the psychological burden on the affected population. Mobile flood control dams help reduce, or in some cases completely eliminate, flood damage.

The Beaver® flood protection system consists of two parallel permanently connected plastic hoses. Inflated dam components allow efficient positioning in the required position. The dams are then filled with water. Water is pumped from a nearby water reservoir or is drawn from a hydrant. The dam components are connected using a mesh system. This creates a dam of any length that is optimally suited to the topography. In an emergency situation, additional damming height is obtained by placing a third dam on top of the two previously filled ones.

KROLPOL has supplied nearly 140,000 running meters of flood control dams for the State Fire Service and the Civil Defence.


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Advantages of a Flexible Flood Control Dam System

  • Rapid placement of flood control dams.

  • These dams are flexible and easy to use.

  • Quick and easy disassembly, as well as storage in a small space. In recent years, the Beaver® system has been used a hundred times in actions.



  • The security services value this user-friendly, flexible and particularly efficient dam system in action.

  • Beaver® dam systems (approximately 41,000 running meters sold by June 2008) prevent millions of dollars in damage at many sites.

Mobile flood control dams are an excellent way to intervene immediately, no matter where the flood risk is. Due to its ease of use and multi-tasking, this type of flood control system is extremely popular beyond specialised firefighting units.


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