Odour neutralisation

Kugn logoROLPOL is a partner of UGN-Umwelttechnik GmbH, which has been active in the field of environmental technology since 2002. The UGN specialises in technologies for biological and chemical purification of air from pollutants, filtration of odour pollution and reduction of biological corrosion, and its team consists of experienced geologists, environmental process technologists and engineers.

By taking into account the latest scientific findings and by working closely with competent partners, we ensure that the tasks entrusted to us are carried out in accordance with the latest state of science and technology. We deal with each problem individually, involving the experience we have gathered over the years.

In the field of neutralisation of odour air pollution, the patented cellulose-based granulate UgnCleanPellets® manufactured by UGN-Umwelttechnik GmbH is used. The granulate unique ability to neutralise odour pollution is superior to that of activated carbon. The UGN's process-technology solutions and products are improved continuously, also in cooperation with research institutes and universities. The UGN products and solutions have been recognised in many countries around the world and have been awarded at trade fairs such as IENA and Salon des Inventions Geneve.

Whatever the source of the odour problem, the solution should be quick and effective. People who are in prolonged contact with unpleasant odours are not only at risk of reduced well-being due to uncomfortable conditions. The consequences of direct contact with odour can threaten health and, in extreme cases, even life. The solutions offered by UGN-Umwelttechnik GmbH will help you to solve the problem of noxious odours from sewage treatment plants, manholes, installations or tanks.

All UGN exhaust air purification systems are based on the filter material UgnCleanPellets®. UgnCleanPellets® are manufactured at the company's headquarters in Gera. We design the quantity, type and, if necessary, mixture of filter material according to the specific requirements of the process.

This guarantees:

  • excellent purification degree

  • long service life

  • low operating costs

  • top quality

  • optimum availability

  • maximum flexibility


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