Water Jet Cooling and heat-resistant clothing

The TST cooling vest comes with pockets containing TEMPTECH inserts with a special grade of non-toxic and non-flammable salt. Effective performance is guaranteed for 90 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius and for 4 hours at 45 degrees Celsius. The regeneration time is 4 hours and no external energy is required. The vest provides up to 1000 regeneration cycles. The TST vest provides cooling through TEMPTECH inserts.

Areas of application for the TST cooling vest:

  • Fire service
  • Mining
  • Police
  • Athletes
  • Drilling platforms
  • Chemical industry
  • Steel industry
  • Refineries
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Paper industry
  • Cleaning with ultra-high water pressure
  • Diving
  • Military

The heat-resistant clothing we offer provides effective protection against radiant heat and high-temperature spills. In order to guarantee the highest level of safety, comfort and durability, all heat-resistant clothing offered is manufactured from aluminium-coated Preoxpan. Kevlar-coated heat-resistant clothing is also available on request.

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UHP protective clothing

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) hydrodynamic cleaning is clearly a method that requires effective operator protection. The Swedish company TST is the only company in the world that offers protective clothing for hydro-sanding made of a special combination of fabrics (Dyneema), which guarantees protection against pressures up to 3000 bar. When certifying products for CE marking, the material was tested in the notified body's laboratory with a water jet at 3,000 bar. The suits passed the test and showed no penetration at this high pressure.

In addition to protective clothing with a protection level of up to 3,000 bar, we also offer hose protectors for hydro-sanding units (in our experience, we know that many accidents for operators of high-pressure units occur as a result of broken hoses), a high-performance waterproof suit and a waterproof balaclava. The experience gathered in the field of clothing for hydro-sanding allowed us to design PROOPERATOR clothing which meets three basic criteria: comfort, functionality and safety.

TST's offer also includes a series of protective clothing for high-pressure cleaning, intended, for example, for operators of high-pressure cleaners up to 500 bar and workers servicing hydraulic installations.